BreatheHeavy Exclusive - Rita Ora Says New Album Is Like The "White Girl Going Hood"

Surrounded by five bodyguards, Rita Ora emerged onto the red carpet outside Tao nightclub at The Venetian in Las Vegas Saturday night wearing a black bodysuit. Rita’s people told me it’s her “Kill Bill” look to promote her and Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” music video out soon.

After posing for hundreds of photos (those flashes, though…), Ora took a moment to chat with about her music, love and her role in “50 Shades of Grey.” OH, and she name drops Miss Britney Spears!

“It’s out in September, and we’re actually very close to it being done,” Ora says of her new album. ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ is the first single. “I’m really excited about it. This time around I’m working with a lot of people I love: Prince, Diplo and DJ Mustard.”

“For me it’s kind of like the white girl going hood.”

There are rumors Ora’s album release stalled because of her split with ex Calvin Harris (who was in Vegas DJing the same night Ora appeared at Tao). He reportedly refused to let her use any of the tracks they did together.

Ora stars in the highly-anticipated movie, “50 Shades Of Grey,” where she plays Mia Grey, Christian Grey’s adopted younger sister. What can fans expect to take away from her character?

“That I can actually be a good girl once in awhile,” she jokes. “I see it, and I understand the adaptation of being an actress and also being a musician at the same time. It’s two completely different worlds, but it was awesome and I’m just super super honored to be part of this phenomenon.”

This lead me to ask about her outlook on love.

“I’m still the same. I’m still hopeful,” she quietly says looking down. “I guess I just have to stop looking for it and it’ll come.”

Love comes when you least expect it.


I wanted to push the subject a bit further, but her body language said otherwise. Instead, I asked her about who she’d like to collaborate with.

“I would LOVE to do a Britney Spears collaboration,” she says. I interjected. “Britney is my all time fav,” I practically shouted at her, adding if she’s seen Piece Of Me yet (she hasn’t).

Ora admits Gwen Stefani and Paramore are other dream collabos.

She says of her view on what success means in the music industry: “I think it’s the power of releasing what you want to release.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but I assume she’s dealing with a record label struggle regarding her album.

Just before waltzing in to the crowded nightclub, she left me with a cozy message for her fans:

“Thank you, and being from London, and being accepted in any other city that isn’t London is an honor. So… come ******* get drunk with me!”

– Jordan Miller,