Reviews Jessie J's

It’s slightly humorous Jessie J’s new album is titled “Sweet Talker,” because it’s anything but. Yep, that should adequately set the tone of’s first album review ever.

She better Re-Tweet this ish.

1. “Ain’t Been Done”

What it is: ***** is feelin’ real confident in “Ain’t Been Done.” Not because she fiercely raps the intro, or fast-talks, or whatever you want to call that… but for the message the song represents. It’s an anthem for all the women and gay guys out there who are all: ‘oh it’s already been broughten!’ Perfect song to kick off the album. Just please, never perform the acoustic version again.

Standout lyrics:

Both hands tied and I get gold medals
Still alive and I’m going hard
Make my mark and I’m breaking all records
You know me, I’m a superstar

What would Britney say: Really cool.

2. “Burnin’ Up” featuring 2 Chainz

What it is: Hot. Yes, I described the song called “Burnin’ Up” as “hot.” The breathing heavy (YAS), the clap clap and its accompanying music video gave Jessie J a really strong followup to “Bang Bang.” I just need her to clarify what subliminal *** is.

Standout lyrics:

Hot in the kitchen like a thousand degrees, that’s how I’m feeling when you’re next to me

WWBS: It’s hot.

3. “Sweet Talker”

What it is: Jessie J brings the soul in the album’s title track. It’s about a dude, good looking or not, using his lips to seduce a woman. Talking. I’m referring to talking. The piano melody is a pleasant surprise.

Standout lyrics:

You just keep singing those lullabies
Sweet talk me all night honey pie

WWBS: You’re sweet.

4. “Fire”

What it is: A mid-tempo song that shows off Jessie’s belting chops. She really knows how to sing the word “OH” and “Fiya.” However, I’m not feeling its theme: a man is the fire burning within? **** that. Call Beyonce immediately.

Standout lyrics:

My hands they burn, they’re black, they bleed

WWBS: Fire!

5. “Personal”

What it is: One of my favorite songs on “Sweet Talker.” Finally, a track without the “Hey, look! I’m a legit pop star now” vibe. If you’ve ever fallen in love, you’ll relate to her angst of letting someone in. In the first half of the song, she sings about remaining tight-lipped about her heartbreak. However, at the end she gives in and gets too personal.

Standout lyrics:

Ain’t got a shotglass in my fist
To spill it away on my business

WWBS: Strong Britney. Reviews Jessie J's

6. “Masterpiece”

What it is: Jessie J is to “Masterpiece” as Christina Aguilera is to “Beautiful.” She’s proclaiming the world hasn’t seen the best of her yet. That makes sense, I mean… who’s going to say ‘This is the best version of me you’ll ever get and I’m incapable of growing any further.’ That **** just doesn’t sound as good in a song. The violins are a flawless touch.

Standout lyrics:

I’m perfectly incomplete
I’m still working on my masterpiece

WWBS: Something more urban.

7. “Seal Me With A Kiss” featuring De La Soul

What it is: Her nod to Mariah Carey and a 90’s throwback jam. It features one of those synth sounds you hear in “Shaft.” It’s funky but only appropriate to play if you’re rollerblading while hot girls in bikinis wash a sports car in slow motion. That’s where it takes me, and you will deal.

Standout lyrics:

I ain’t gon’ lie
If I just got one chance
With you tonight
Then baby we would dance

WWBS: I have a song called that too.

8. “Said Too Much”

What it is: Another standout song. Has anyone ever said something so hurtful to you you can’t forget? Forgive, maybe, but you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Ugh, sometimes people are assholes.

Standout lyrics:

I can’t glue back broken glasses
But I can fix what you were smashing

WWBS: Like shattered gla-eee-***.

9. “Loud” featuring Lindsey Stirling

What it is: Her first-hand experience with fame and the negativity and opinions it inevitably brings from haters. Dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling lends her talents on the song, and it’s much appreciated. Great dramatic effect. But the haters gonna hate, hate, hate. Call Taylor Swift while you’re at it.

Standout lyrics:

When we fail comes the smile, when I went, I write, you just compare

WWBS: Muted colors.

10. “Keep Us Together”

What it is: A love song that touches on the uncertainty couples inevitably face during a disagreement. Conflict is a given, but working through it and communicating isn’t. The chorus is bubbly, but the message is a tad rough around the edges.

Standout lyrics:

It ain’t easy tryna stay in love
Are we gonna walk out, when it rains?

WWBS: The best thing about being cheated on is I get to go on more first dates. Reviews Jessie J's "Sweet Talker"

11. “Get Away”

What it is: The closest thing to a ballad on the album. Jessie J isn’t singing to anyone but herself in “Get Away.” She’s trying to convince herself to leave, but ahhh… the power of love is more gripping then that.

Standout lyrics:

Do I stay ’cause you say you need me
I craved it more when it isn’t easy

WWBS: Just do it baby, just do it.

12. “Your Loss I’m Found”

What it is: Timing is everything. In this mellow kicker, Jessie J sings about her lover losing interest in her. She’s stuck between holding out for him to change, or leaving. I do appreciate the “lost & found” pun.

Standout lyrics:

Stars ain’t made to shine under clouds
Stop turning me down

WWBS: You’re my brightest morning star.

13. “Strip”

What it is: Should be called “Skip.” Kidding, but it’s one of the weaker songs for sure. I anticipated a song about stripping, because I’m a freak like that, but she’s referring to stripping emotionally. Like, baring your soul kinda thing blah blah blah.

Standout lyrics:

Show me your love and stay up all night,
Tell me your secrets and not your lies

WWBS: Get naked, get naked.

14. “You Don’t Really Know Me”

What it is: A simple acoustic song about putting on a brave face despite feeling pain inside. There’s no real vocal gymnastics. She’s capable of screaming at me in every song, but she doesn’t here and I appreciate that. Remember, everyone’s dealing with an inner battle you know nothing about, so Goddamit be ******* NICE!

Standout lyrics:

Cause I’m going crazy when I’m not okay,
I keep praying that the cracks don’t show my pain

WWBS: And they say she’s so lucky…

15. “Bang Bang” featuring Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

What it is: You’ve already made up your mind about this song, so anything I say is useless. In fact, no one has probably made it this far thus I’m literally talking to myself. Again.

Standout lyrics:

She got a body like an hourglass, but I can give it to you all the time

WWBS: Is that the song with Keesha?

I’m pleasantly surprised with “Sweet Talker.” Jessie J sings about love, but most of the lyrics are uplifting and empowering. She’s not broken hearted. To the contrary, she sounds very empowered, liberated, someone young people can look up to while bopping along to her music.

I’m giving “Sweet Talker” a 4 out of 5.

The album’s out on October 14th in the U.S. and available now in other parts of the world. Get it on iTunes.