On MTV – 3rd Time’s A Charm

May 2, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Britney has been doing things in 3s lately, and it is only appropriate I whip out the “3rd time’s a charm” phrase one last time (MTV has been kind enough to feature the site here and there before this, too). MTV was nice enough to give me the heads up about a “shout-out” for my site on MTV. Go check it out tomorrow (May 03, 2007.)

Thurs 5/3: 550am, 650am, 750am, 850am, 950am
Thurs 5/3: 430am, 530am, 730am
Wed 5/2: 845pm, 945pm
Thurs 5/3: 1245am, 145am, 245am, 345am, 445am, 545am, 645am, 845am, 945am, 1045am, 1145am, 1245pm, 145pm, 245pm, 345pm, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

That’s all the info I got! Make sure you watch it, and someone please please cap for me so I can post! So excited!!!