At “Britney Jean” Album Listening Party

November 21, 2013 By Jordan Miller At "Britney Jean" Album Listening Party

Britney Spears answered questions and played several songs at her “Britney Jean” album listening party at Will.I.Am’s studio Thursday evening, and was there to enjoy every pulsating minute of it.

Host Andy Cohen (swooon) kicked it off (while “I Am Britney Jean” cameras were rolling) with a few questions about what makes this album so personal for her. She says she went through a lot this year with her breakup with Jason Trawick, and “Perfume” is a great reflection of that.

Andy intro-ed the first song of the night: the William Orbit-produced track, “Alien.”

Britney whispered to Andy that’s her favorite track off the album! She says fans can relate to “Alien” because sometimes we all feel “alienated, shy, or nervous.”

“Don’t Cry” sounded great in the 30-second snippet that leaked earlier this week, but it doesn’t do the full track justice. The bass is super heavy, upfront vocals and a killer intro.

Another banger was “It Should Be Easy” feat. and Robo-Britney (in a good way). The breakdown is sick and very electro-pop; a perfect track to jam to at any afterparty in Vegas. They’ll provide the fog, strobe lights and alcohol. You bring the sunglasses.

Probably the most impressive track of the night was “Tik Tik Boom” featuring T.I. and produced by Antony Preston – you could definitely see Britney’s face light up during this song as she shook her shoulders; Will.I.Am could not sit still through it.

Britney told the audience she’s a pretty shy person and that it’s a little awkward hearing her own music in front of a group of people while sitting on a stool – she told Will.I.Am earlier in the night she’d rather perform it instead.

She’ll get that chance starting December 27 in Las Vegas! Great job tonight, Brit & Will (& Andy).