Mariah Carey Shines At #1 To Infinity Welcome Event In Vegas

April 28, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Mariah Carey makes a spectacular entrance to kick off #1 To Infinity.

Mariah Carey officially kicked off her #1 To Infinity residency in Las Vegas!

Complete with dancers, pyrotechnics and a screaming mob of fans, Mariah Carey launched the first gig of many in preparation of her new show inside The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

The crowd waited nearly two hours to catch a glimpse of the diva, and she did not disappoint. Arriving in a classic 1936 pink convertible behind 18 billboard cars that displayed her 18 number one hits throughout her expansive career, including “Heartbreaker,” “Vision of Love” and “Always Be My Baby,” Carey waved and smiled before making her way to the media risers to pose for photos. The display reminded the thousands in attendance how impactful the elusive chanteuse’s career was in music for several decades.

Quite literally a stroll down memory lane.

Carey exited her ride, showing off a ****-colored sequined gown for eager photographers before making her way through the crowd to say a couple words; a pre-speech to her speech if you will.

From there, it was game on. The fan/paparazzi crush raced from outside the main entrance of Caesars Palace to the steps of The Colosseum to catch Mariah’s second grand entrance and much anticipated speech.

“Hey Lambily! I am so excited. Thank you for this beautiful welcome! This is great! I mean, just for laughs honestly coming with the centurions. I felt very welcome here at Caesars. Somebody already gave me my first ‘Infinity’ bracelet; a fan in the audience.

I wanna say this is just the beginning. This is a celebration of an album with 18 number ones… ‘#1 To Infinity,’ that’s the name of the show here at Caesars. I can’t wait to sing all the hits for you guys on stage here. It’s out today, ‘Infinity,’ hashtag ‘Infinity’ and I just wanna say I wouldn’t be anywhere without my fans, and I will never ever forget that. Thank you so much and thank you to all of the folks here at Caesars and everyone in Las Vegas… there’s a new girl in town. You’ll be seeing me walking around, spending my time with you when I can.

Alright, God bless and take care.”

She was rudely interrupted and reminded others were also contractually obligated to say a few words. Once the speeches commenced, Carey shared the lyric video to her new song, “Infinity,” even singing a couple notes as it blared through the auditorium. Watch the entire speech here:

Mariah has a lot to prove if she wants to hang with her Colosseum peers like Celine Dion and Elton John, both who famously sell out shows with ease. Mariah’s audience stuck by through thick and thin. Her essence is nostalgic, but will fond memories sell tickets for the next year or two? That’s still up in the air, but if it’s up to Mariah… she’ll sell out through infinity.

Mariah Carey’s “#1 To Infinity” show kicks off May 6. Are YOU going?