When all seemed like it was done for a short while in time…Britney gives us a another surprise…nothing more and nothing less than a new single aside from “Do Somethin”. Britney has recorded her third video for promoting “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative”, “Breathe On Me” which will premiere in the first week of February in America and Australia.

The video begins in the setting and goes direct to its hotel, where she takes a shower in a full bath of steam, in which we will be able to witness some really steamy scenes… Britney sees one of the employees of the hotel enter the room to deliver his “services,” but Britney realizes that this encounter is ,seducing to a degree that heats the room so hot that it seems to be be set on fire them realizing. The ending is a surprise, but there will not be any disappotinment.

you never know, it was a rumored single for the ‘in the zone’ era, and was really popular with all the fans. it’s not a single on the greatest hits, but who cares, nice to imagine…and she WAS at the recording studio the other day so…If you use this you MUST credit, cause this was a pain to translate from spanish, thanks j.c. for the first part of translation.

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