Wellllllllllllllll as you all know I’ve been trying to get Billboard Award tickets (because Britney may or may not host with Paris Hilton) and so I heard my local radio station was giving tickets away. So I decided to be the annoying fan who calls 800 times. I finally got through after an hour of trying, and I told the guy “Look, I am the biggest Britney fan ever.” He goes “What makes you so special, why should I give you the tickets?…” I was like go to a computer and go to breatheheavy.com, which he did. He said if 10 people called up and agreed to giving me the tickets then he would.

Long story short, he said there were a lot more people who called in then expected, but because the tickets were in such high demand he did not think it would be fair to give me the tickets. As you could imagine I was REALLY bummed, because there were a lot of people who said I deserved the tickets. The whole experience was very cool because they plugged my site on the radio several times, and it just was very cool for me. Thanks to all the Las Vegas fans who called for me (I got your emails, thanks so much!) And 98.5 KLUC if you’re reading this, thanks again for helping me out. Maybe next time, right?

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