It’s easy to think of Britney Spears as a member of the family. She’s practically grown up before our very eyes — from plaid-skirted schoolgirl to snake-charming *** bomb — and now her most private home-movie moments are rolling out on prime-time television. So when she and husband Kevin Federline announced that they are expecting a bundle of joy this fall, it was easy to think, “You know, I should really get them something nice.”
But what do you get the girl who has everything (including alien masks, a pink Hummer and a foxy flight-attendant outfit) for her baby shower? Since Britney recently wrote on her Web site that she’ll be expressing herself through her art, we figured we’d look to her songs for clues about what she might like:

Song: “… Baby One More Time”
Gift: “Spider-Man 2” Inflatable Bop Bag, $7.99

In the chorus of her breakthrough hit, Britney encourages her baby to hit one more time. What would be more fun for a child to hit than the “Spider-Man 2” Inflatable Bop Bag? Blow it up, sock it around. Maybe mommy could play too when she gets mad at daddy for letting her Starbucks get cold.

Song: “Outrageous”
Gift: Maternity jeans, price varies

In this track, Britney sings about rolling out in hot gear: “When I’m at a party/ Outrageous/ In my **** jeans.” While mommy can still be ****, she’ll probably be more comfortable in maternity jeans (even right after giving birth) with a little stretch around the front to accommodate her big belly.

Song: “Sometimes”
Gift: Baby sling, $29.99

Our girl takes it down a notch here, crooning, “But all I really want is to hold you tight/ Treat you right, be with you day and night.” Most new mothers feel that way about their newborns, and the best way to keep the little one close is with a baby sling that cradles the child right next to their mother’s chest.

Song: “Oops! … I Did It Again”
Gift: Operation game, $13.99

Britney is pretty clear about what she wants in this song: “I played with your heart/ Got lost in the game.” Obviously, Britney will want to play the classic game Operation when her child is a toddler. Don’t touch the edge, baby Federline, or the buzzer will go off and Sam’s nose will light up!

Song: “Stronger”
Gift: Breast pump, price varies

Every young mother needs one of these, and Britney has already asked for one: “I used to go with the flow/ Didn’t really care ’bout me.” “Going with the flow” is what a breast pump is all about. Babies often need their mother’s milk at times when mommy either isn’t there or can’t breast-feed, so the pump allows them to be ready for hungry baby at all times.

Song: “Mona Lisa”
Gift: Car seat, price varies

In this track, Britney sings, “You will hit the freakin’ wall.” While she may not be referring to the upcoming addition to her family, most injuries to children in cars occur when they are not properly strapped into a car seat. Using a car seat for a child is the law, and probably why this is one of the most popular gifts for young parents. Mr. and Mrs. F, it’s important to remember to place it in the backseat of the Mercedes.

Song: “(You Drive Me) Crazy”
Gift: Baby monitor, $14.99 and up

Britney seemed to know what she was in for with motherhood when she sang, “Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night.” New parents spend a lot of time up with fussy babies, and the best way to keep an eye or ear on them is with a baby monitor. Britney can place the monitor in the baby’s room, and carry the receiver with her to listen for the cries. Important note: A Sidekick will not do the same thing.


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