Britney and Jason broke up in part because she wanted more kids and he didn’t, sources directly connected to the ex-couple tell

Though he loves Sean and Jayden, he is “in another place” and did not want to start a family.

They wanted “different things,” another source tells People. “There was no third party involved,” they continued. “Things haven’t been ideal in their relationship for some time. There was a lot to work on before they could move forward and get married.”

The source continued that the Britney Empire wore on their relationship because he felt like he lost his individuality. When he sought out new clients to expand his business, Britney wasn’t pleased.

“Britney had a lot of issues with Jason doing his own thing – in business and seeing his friends,” another source says. “In her perfect world he would have been home with her twenty-four/seven, so that was a point of contention; something they were always working on.”

“They’ve been spending a lot of time apart in the last few months,” says the source.

Britney owns the $8.5 million dollar house they shared in Thousand Oaks. In other words: a clean break.

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