Breaking Down “Alien”

“Alien” leaked prematurely, but it may tie fans over until the actual release on December 3. Thank God for creating Alien. Or should I say the universe? Err… you know what I mean. Actually, thank producer William Orbit and Britney for crafting this mid-tempo, out of this world instant classic.

If I knew what a UFO floating around through space sounded like, I imagine it’d sound something like the intro to “Alien,” minus the woo hoo-ing. Unless William Orbit knows something we don’t, and he might.

Breaking Down

To me, “Alien” is about Britney expressing a viewpoint she may have had or has about her superstardom – how it singles her out. I mean, really, only a few people on this planet of 7-billion can relate to that. It could get pretty lonely knowing people you let in your inner circle have to sign a confidentiality agreement before you can open up. I assume.

There was a time I was one of a kind lost in the world out of me myself and I / Was lonely then like an alien / I tried but I never figured it out / Why I always felt like a stranger in a crowd / Ooh that was then like an alien

Breaking Down

Britney’s never been one to want pity or to feel sorry for herself, so lucky for us she’s strong and sees the silver lining. Or the light in the stars. Maybe it’s the big dipper?

But the stars in the sky look like home, take me home / And the light in your eyes lets me know I’m not alone

Breaking Down

Sure, everyone in the world may know her name, but not many know WHO she really is. That could weigh heavy on someone, but none of that matters when you find one special person you can fall in love with. That’s the only person you need to get you.

Crossed through the universe to get where you are / Travel the night riding on a shooting star / Was lonely then like an alien / Had to get used to the world I was on / While yet still unsure if I knew where I belong / Ooh That was then like an alien

Breaking Down

No matter how alienated she feels some days, Britney’s always got the support from The Army, the group this album’s really for.

Not alone not alone not alone / Not alone not alone not alone

Breaking Down

A shame it leaked early, but she deserves major props for yet another innovative track off “Britney Jean!” What do YOU think of the song?