For better or for worse, another Britney Spears comeback is in the works.

E! News has learned that the “Gimme More” songstress, who has been logging numerous hours in a North Hollywood dance studio recently, is gearing up to start work on a video for another tune off of her latest album, Blackout.

“She wants to do the single ‘Hot as Ice’ as her next video and is ready to take the next step,” said a source close to Spears. “She’s been working a chair routine out in the studio and is ready to animate it.”

To get herself camera-ready, Spears is going to start rehearsing up to four days a week and is looking to hook up with dancer/choreographer Andre Fuentes to design the footwork for the video, a source tells E! News.

Fuentes and Spears have previously worked together when he appeared as a backup dancer in several of her music videos, including “Slave 4 U” and “Oops I Did It Again.” He also choreographed Prince’s video for “The Greatest Romance Ever Sold.”

However, Fuentes won’t be officially hired for the gig until Jamie Spears signs off on him, which shouldn’t be a problem for the dad/conservator, according to a source.

“Andre wasn’t part of the party crew,” the source said. “He was always professional with her and has a great reputation.”

The 26-year-old divorcée, who spent another three hours at home with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James Thursday morning as part of her new visitation arrangement, is “very clear” and focused on her dance training, the source said.

While her much maligned performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in September was also referred to as a comeback, the troubled popster—who at that point hadn’t yet lost joint custody of her boys—apparently was fated to face far more serious issues before she could worry about the ol’ song and dance.

“Now that a lot of the drama is behind her, she’s really getting serious about making a comeback,” the source said.

And what of Spears’ physique, which as all of her critics know isn’t quite what it was back in her heyday?

“Once she gets working out more in the studio, the pounds will come off,” the insider added. “They always do.”

Spears saw her children for the first time in nearly two months on Saturday, although, per the deal hammered out by attorneys overseeing her father’s conservatorship and longtime Kevin Federline counsel Mark Vincent Kaplan, mother and sons were far from alone.

Jamie Spears; a lawyer from Luce Forward, the firm handling his coconservatorship of his daughter’s estate; and one of Kevin Federline’s security guards were on hand Saturday and are believed to have been present for another visit Monday, as well.


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