A gift for the Internet.

Katy Perry teased she had something special planned just for the Internet, and the pop star pulled through.

Her new lyric video for Witness cut “Swish Swish” stars Brazilian pop star turned social media icon Gretchen. If you’ve ever trolled around on Twitter, you’ll definitely know who she is. The diva’s over the top facial expressions from her stints on reality TV have been immortalized in GIF form and are perfect for nearly any witty response you may need.

Gretchen shared a bit of the glamorous lyric video which finds the 58-year-old dancing around a bunch of hot dancers under glowing neon lights.

Will the clip breathe new life into the track? Let’s hope so. But there’s no telling if it’ll inspire a surge up the charts. “Swish Swish” is currently sitting at No. 84 on the Hot 100 (from 62). She’s going to need a miracle, or it’s another one in the casket.

Watch below:

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