UPDATE: watch the racially charged music video.


UPDATE // AUGUST 31: Brandyn Burnette released a music video for “Karma” today, highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement and police gun violence. Watch:


What goes around comes around in Brandyn Burnette’s new vibey song “Karma.”

Cosmos & Creature is an L.A. based pop duo made up of Burnette and Molly Moore. The pair are crafting an EP, but to keep the creative juices flowing, they have embarked on several side-projects – like their gloomy cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Team” or features on Lost Kings’ “Marathon” and Vicetone’s “Bright Side.”

Burnette is also dropping solo material, including his latest release titled “Karma,” the electro-pulsating mid-tempo song he wrote and produced for his second EP, State I’m In, out next month via Home Planet Records.

“Be careful what you say and what you do.”

“The song is about the morality of our decisions & their effect on those we love,” Burnette tells BreatheHeavy. He adds one of his favorite parts about the song was recording alto sax with saxophonist Emily Anne.

“Saxophone is the ultimate musical chameleon,” Anne said. “What I did with [“Karma”] was completely improvisational. I listened to the track a few times to familiarize myself with the atmosphere, lyrics, emotional content, and just let myself play.”

Anne recorded several takes, but implemented her first go. “It was recorded in one take,” she added. “I consider my work to be musically responsive – I try to add to the conversation that a record starts.”

Listen below:


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