Dream team!

Dream team!

Brandy has had an uphill battle trying to release new music for more than five years due to a contractual dispute with Chameleon Entertainment. It was reported that Chameleon is contractually obligated to record and release her albums but refuses to do so unless she signs a “terrible deal.” She even started a Free Brandy campaign at one point.

While the legal troubles brew behind the scenes, Brandy is staying focused on recording new music. Ahead of a mini tour in South Africa, the singer revealed she has a song with Sam Smith in the works.

“I worked with Sam Smith for the first time four years ago, and then again recently,” she said via Channel24.co.za. “And now I’m one of his biggest fans. It’s so great to hear what they [artists inpsired by her] listen to and what they like,” she adds.

The feeling is mutual. Check out this 2016 Tweet from Sam:


I have a feeling they’ll fight for attention on the mic, hopefully “The Boy Is Mine” style.

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  1. Not sure how I’d feel about them singing together, but what Brandy does deserve is new music. It saddens me that Chameleon has all of a sudden become such a bad company for Brandy; she seemed positive about them in the beginning. Let’s hope she is freed and can pursue her music once more!

  2. Career suicide, it’s the slow start of one at least, starting with how gross his image has become. How’s this a dream team? Brandy has only had one song with Monica in the 90’s.

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