A girl dances about the house while someone outside watches in Flowers’ new video.

Brandon Flowers Releases Video For "Lonely Town"

Brandon Flowers lurks in the colorful visual for “Lonely Town.”

It appears many artists feel as if they’re living in a ghost town (re: Madonna, Adam Lambert and now Flowers), but with each song comes an original concept, and Flowers’ take is a clever one.

The ’80s inspired clip by director Roboshobo follows a young girl dancing and singing to “Lonely Town” through several rooms in her house wearing headphones connected to a portable cassette player (Google it). Is she the subject of Flowers’ new song? Possibly, but it seems the video star prefers it that way – enjoying mundane tasks like taking out the trash or heating food up in the microwave all while bopping along to the music.

Flowers is absent throughout the video. Or is he? Perhaps the “Desired Effect” singer plays a part in the end where we realize the girl inside the house is not alone.

Check it out below:

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