Check out Flowers’ latest mid-tempo pop rock slow song off “The Desired Effect.”

Brandon Flowers' Power Ballad "Never Get You Right"

Brandon Flowers gets it right in “Never Get You Right.”

Continuing his ’80s-inspired catalogue off “The Desired Effect” out May 19, Flowers sings about longing after someone who he fears isn’t understood by anyone else but him. Much like his releases (“Can’t Deny My Love,” “Still Want You”, “Lonely Town” and “I Can Change”), “Never Get You Right” shows off Flowers’ tenacious vocal range behind a steady throwback synth and electronic beat.

“They’ll never get you right / been watching you all night / the people passing by should tremble at your side”

The Killers’ frontman shows off his talented songwriting skills with yet another anthemic mid-tempo jam which you can listen to here:

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