Brand Sense is suing Britney for $10 million for breach of contract after a fragrance deal with Elizabeth Arden went sour. They requested Britney submit a deposition to help their case, but a judge denied this, with the excuse Britney is in a conservatorship and is not fit to testify. Then they requested her medical records, which was also denied.

Brand Sense appealed the ruling of the deposition denial, but it’s just been learned that, too, was denied. BS claimed in an earlier filing:

The notion that Britney Spears is mentally or emotionally unfit to testify under oath is a sham. Ms. Spears currently has the mental, emotional and physical capacity to endure the strain of a months-long international concert tour, make numerous public appearances, engage in interviews with the media, participate in numerous promotional campaigns for her various business enterprises, and maintain custody of her children.”

The girl can sit down for countless interviews, tour, release albums etc, but they somehow manage to keep her completely away from a courtroom when it has to deal with possibly dissolving the conservatorship!


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