Brand Sense, a brand-marketing company, is suing Britney and dad Jamie for $10 million for breach of contract because they feel they were jipped out of tons of money from Britney’s Elizabeth Arden fragrance deal. They are demanding a judge order Britney to be deposed, reports

A judge previously ruled Britney would not have to submit a deposition, but Brand Sense is not backing down.

The court documents state: “Brand Sense intends to seek immediate relief from the probate court’s order. The notion that Britney Spears is mentally or emotionally unfit to testify under oath is a sham. Ms. Spears currently has the mental, emotional and physical capacity to endure the strain of a months-long international concert tour, make numerous public appearances, engage in interviews with the media, participate in numerous promotional campaigns for her various business enterprises, and maintain custody of her children.”

A hearing has been set for July 11, 2011 to determine if Britney will be ordered to be deposed.

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