brand guidelines

We influence & connect music communities.

Music is the pulse of life, and BreatheHeavy is a vein to the source.


BreatheHeavy’s logo can be utilized in various ways.

Rainbow on white

Rainbow on black

White on black

Black on white

Full black on white

Full white on black

Color Palette

BreatheHeavy’s branded colors stretch across the spectrum. The gradient color-combinations must be used together (not individually).


For branded content, BreatheHeavy uses the “Montserrat” font family. There is a line-height of 1.5 em.

Brand Voice

BreatheHeavy’s tone is smart, forward-thinking, expressive, witty, slightly sarcastic and playful. Music inspires emotion, so we express our views in a manner that invokes feeling. We want readers knowing where BreatheHeavy stands on a topic versus us offering the facts without bias and leaving the reader guessing as to where we stand. From there, it’s encouraged that the reader formulates their own opinion whether they agree with us or not.