He also discovered the meaning of R&B.

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Brad Pitt has discovered where R&B comes from and compliments Frank Ocean.

Pitt lands in the new issue of GQ magazine. It’s his first major splash since splitting from Angelina Jolie and the ensuing tabloid tornado. The actor opens up about his painful divorce and moving forward to become a better person. Like many, Pitt has turned to music to heal.

GQ notes Pitt has played characters in pain. They ask: “What is pain, emotional and physical?” Brad’s response is uniquely his own.

“Yeah, I’m kind of done playing those,” he said. “I think it was more pain tourism. It was still an avoidance in some way. I’ve never heard anyone laugh bigger than an African mother who’s lost nine family members. What is that? I just got R&B for the first time. R&B comes from great pain, but it’s a celebration. To me, it’s embracing what’s left. It’s that African woman being able to laugh much more boisterously than I’ve ever been able to.”

Who inspired this revelation? None other than Blonde singer Frank Ocean. “I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean,” Pitt admitted. “I find this young man so special. Talk about getting to the raw truth. He’s painfully honest. He’s very, very special. I can’t find a bad one.”

Pitt ages like a fine wine, but there’s an emptiness in his eyes. Glad he can use music (and Frank) to cope.

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