DNCE gets funky on “Blown.”


DNCE gets funky on “Blown.”

The band is a few short weeks away from their debut self-titled album hitting the net (Nov. 18), and they’re off to a scantily clad start. Following their sexually charged music video for “Body Moves,” which features of frontman Joe Jonas getting, what appears to be, a ********, DNCE dropped their next promotional single appropriately titled “Blown.” Jonas has involved himself in several revealing NSFL photoshoots and even dropped a couple of personal TMI bombs, like the first time he was caught watching ****, so “Blown” is the perfect addition to the ongoing narration.

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In “Blown,” which features Kent Jones (“Don’t Mind”), Jonas expresses unapologetic elation for finally scoring with a girl who’s playing hard to get. “The less you show, the more you get / It doesn’t matter if you’re feelin’ it,” he sings over the Smash Mouth-inspired throwback production. “Put down your phone, don’t send that pic / They won’t come back unless they’re missing it.”

However, some of the lyrics are questionable towards women:

I know you act like you don’t want it
Girl, I know you need it
‘Cause you be actin’ like my woman
Every time you see me
My mind blown

We get it, Joe Jonas; you are very very straight.

Listen below:

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