Bonnie Mckee Holds On To Her “Wasted Youth”

January 12, 2016 By Jordan Miller

McKee rocks a pair of hot pants while laying in a bed of marshmallows.


They say that youth is wasted on the young.

Pop music’s secret weapon and blossoming solo artist, Bonnie McKee, dropped a “We Can’t Stop” style video for her latest Bombastic release titled “Wasted Youth.” The video reminds us millennials time is a’ tickin, but we’re making it count.

Shot in 16mm and directed by Darren Craig, McKee is seen clenching her youth in a pair of hot pants on a bed of marshemallows while her friends bathe in a tub of Fruit Loops, roller skate down a residential street and gyrate in a pair of disco pasties (really).

“We set out to make a video that captures the spirit of youth and reminds us that you are as young as you will ever be in this moment, so don’t waste it,” McKee said of the video to The FADER. “I wanted it to have a true vintage look and feel, so it’s all shot on Super 16mm film. We filmed the entire video at my house so it’s basically just my friends and I having fun and getting weird!”

Let’s get it while we’re young, people.

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