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Bonnie McKee Gifts Fans Her Otherworldly “Stars In Your Heart” Video

Bonnie McKee is naked and flying in her previously unreleased music video for “Stars In Your Heart.”

Bonnie McKee is naked and flying in her previously unreleased music video for “Stars In Your Heart.”

McKee promised fans a “Christmas surprise” last month when she revealed she made a “beautiful video” that never got released when she was signed with Epic Records, “but I paid for it and own it,” she said. After several years on the cutting room floor, it’s finally getting a proper release.

“The video is based on one of my favorite cult classic films, the iconic Barbarella,” McKee told Nylon of the vintage outer space visual. “I wanted it to feel as authentic as possible, with hand-built optical illusion sets, projections, and classic camera tricks rather than relying on the green screen to capture the zero gravity effect.”

The video relies on “old-school movie magic,” as she put it, throwing out high-tech video production in lieu of handmade sets and projections out of oil and food coloring.

“I love having the freedom to give my art to you uncensored and whenever the hell I feel like it,” the indie artist added.

In the clip, McKee plays Barbarella, who’s madly in love with Khon Valgrad played by David John Craig.

“I love that Bonnie is one of those artists that takes the time to see the vision all the way through,” Craig tells “I think having the imagination as the songwriter lends to that. She thinks out of the box and I dig that! ”

He added: “Working with her felt like I was in the presence of a seasoned professional and someone the world should have a love affair with. She’s a creative perfectionist who knows exactly what she wants. And each time the director says ‘action’ Bonnie lights up and gives great energy.”


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