Blind Item: Britney And Justin Are Talking

Forget that our girl is “in love” with her boyfriend and hasn’t seen her first love in 10 years… because fans on the Internet are making a Britney/Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel love triangle come to life! This rumor (most likely made up by hopeful Britney fans living in the past) is beginning to pick up speed now that reports claim newlyweds Justin and Jessica are heading towards splitsville.

And this blind item certainly doesn’t help:

So it’s no secret that this marriage between an A list celebrity and a B-ish list bad actor/actress is simply a business arrangement. I mean, duh. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

They have a great arrangement, and unlike other business marriages in Hollywood, they don’t try too hard to convince the world that they are so in love.

There has been some buzz since August that this arrangement is on the rocks, though. Mostly because the wife doesn’t want to be humiliated, and sees the husband’s behavior as doing only that. His first love is back in the picture. They both never got over each other, and what started as a simple congratulatory text, turned into late nights and long phone calls. They’re even planning on meeting up when the first love’s new project starts.

So the wife knows that this reconciliation would be the love story of the century, and she’s no longer cooperating at all. Unless she gets a HUGE multi-million dollar payday (it’s always about that) and some great projects lined up. Until that happens, you can forget about her supporting him in anything.

Then there are reports Jessica Biel’s stopped showing up to JT’s events, including his SNL after-party and American Music Awards appearance a few weeks back.

Britney and Justin will both be attending the People’s Choice Awards next week – so things might get verrry interesting. Especially interesting seeing the latest rumor is Jessica Biel is pregnant with JT’s kiddo!

People’s Choice Tweeted this, but since deleted it.

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