Producer Jim Beanz, who co-wrote and produced seven tracks off “Blackout” (including “Gimme More,” “Break The Ice” & “Get Back”) and three off “Circus” (“Womanizer,” “Kill The Lights,” “Blur”), tells Digital Spy it was a great experience working with Britney even during her darkest hour.

“They say that the negativity helps to sell an album sometimes, but in that case it was also about the music. It was unfortunate what was going on, but since then she’s got a lot better. I really think that nowadays it comes down to just having good music. Songs that make people feel good in the clubs.”

Britney’s always known for her spectacular performances, but her role on The X Factor with singer Demi Lovato shows the public a new side, and Beanz supports them both.

“They were both very easy to work with. A lot of people would say Demi is more known as a vocalist and Britney’s an entertainer, but what’s most important regardless is being attentive in the studio and open to who you’re working with without having an ego. Both of them were very down to earth.”

But is it possible for Britney to have another album as epic as “Blackout” was? If the ingredients are right, why not?

“I worked with Britney on Blackout and Circus and she was very easy to work with. That’s why the songs came out so amazing.”

Jim Beanz for Album 8!

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