Britney Spears is back, and in your face. Her new album “Blackout” hits stores today, October 30, 2007! A monumental day for Britney and her followers. Be sure to get a copy! ****, buy 10 copies! Make your friends buy a copy. Make your enemies buy a copy. Make your aunt’s dog walker’s sister buy a copy. Let’s make “Blackout” number one and show the world that Britney’s still a force to be reckoned with! Click the picture below to buy on iTunes!!! And be SURE to buy your physical copy today in stores!

The Queen Has Returned - Blackout In Stores

ps – Britney stopped by the Virgin mega store tonight to surprise her fans who were buying her album at mid-night, but once the fans and media recognized her car, she made a U-turn and headed out. I would probably feel uncomfortable too if I had hordes of people wanting to get near me, and no security around in sight!

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