Bjork's "Vulnicura" Album Leaks Way, Way Ahead Of Schedule

Madonna’s always setting the trends; Bjork’s album leaks months in advance.

That awkward moment when another powerhouse female artist’s work finds its way onto the Internet months before its tentative release. Much like Madonna’s entire album hitting the net over the holidays, forcing the Queen to get at least a few songs on iTunes before getting the rest finalized for a Spring release, Bjork’s experiencing a similar dilemma. She, however, isn’t waiting.

Though her album leaked over the weekend (just days after she announced it existed in the first place), Bjork decided to get it on iTunes sooner than later. She told fans, “websitefolk,” via Facebook fans can purchase her album, “Vulnicura,” on iTunes within 24 hours of her post.

Her lengthy stream of consciousness, including the album’s inspiration – her breakup:

i am so grateful you are still interested in my work !!

i appreciate every little bit !!!

i wanted to tell you the tale of making of this album

i guess i found in my lap one year into writing it a complete heartbreak album . kinda surprised how thoroughly i had documented this in pretty much accurate emotional chronology …. like 3 songs before a break up and three after . so the anthropologist in me sneaked in and i decided to share them as such . first i was worried it would be too self indulgent but then i felt it might make it even more universal . and hopefully the songs could be a help , a crutch to others and prove how biological this process is : the wound and the healing of the wound . psychologically and physically . it has a stubborn clock attached to it .

there is a way out

and then a magic thing happened to me : as i lost one thing something else entered . alejandro contacted me late summer 2013 and was interested in working with me . it was perfect timing . to make beats to the songs would have taken me 3 years ( like on vespertine ) but this enchanted arca would visit me repeatedly and only few months later we had a whole album !!! it is one of the most enjoyable collaboration i have had !

i then went ahead and wrote string and choir arrangements and recorded them in iceland

towards the end of the album i started looking around for a mixing engineer and was introduced by a mutual friend of ours , robin carolan to the haxan cloak . he mixed the album and also made a beat for one half of “family” . together with chris elms the engineer we kinda formed a band during the mixing process and this is the album we made !!!

i do hope you enjoy it

On the one hand, there’s a little thrill finding your favs’ music online sooner than expected, but is it worth the trade off? Is it possible to enjoy their music to the fullest extent knowing its release wasn’t in the hands of the creator? Does it matter?

Thoughts on Bjork’s album leaking?