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Lady Gaga and SOPHIE’s New Song Is Reportedly Upbeat

Lady Gaga collaborates with Scottish producer-singer, SOPHIE.

Mother Monster is hard at work on her sixth studio album, and one of the new tunes reportedly features electronic producer SOPHIE. She’s responsible for Madonna’s “Bitch I’m Madonna,” Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom EP and MØ’s “Night With You.” Last year, SOPHIE released her debut album, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides.

Their collab is thought to be produced by BloodPop.

Sophie confirmed the track with Gaga has been created. “Yes…I mean, whatever,” she said in 2018. “I work on a lot of different things. If it comes out, that’s cool. But you just never know. But yeah, [Gaga’s] a cool person.”

She followed up saying, “Yeah we did a session together. I think we could do really good stuff, yeah. I’ll be back in LA next week and I’d love to pick it up then.”

V V interesting!

We don’t know much about the new tune, but according to stan Twitter (never wrong), the song is upbeat. Give us the bops!

Joanne was a refreshing change of pace, but I’m excited to hear Gaga’s electro-dance bops, and if anyone can help Gaga with that initiative, it’s SOPHIE.




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