Britney Spears has hand-picked Sydney dancer Shannon Holtzapffel to be her dance partner in an upcoming video clip.

The 23-year-old finished filming the clip for Spears’ song, Mannequin, in Los Angeles this month and spilled the beans to Insider on his return home to Australia.

“It’s documentary style of us all in a rehearsal studio with her (Spears),” said Holtzapffel, who dates Channel V presenter Renee Bargh.

“I get very close to her. There’s one part where we rest heads together and I’m resting on her neck before she pushes me away.

“When it’s released, it’ll be showing she’s back in the game. She has a new album, new music and a new future.”

Holtzapffel met Spears’ choreographers in LA and they invited him to a training session with the singer, who was impressed and asked him back to be her dance partner for the video shoot.

With tight security helping to keep paparazzi at bay and little information released about Spears’ new album, it was a strange experience for Holtzapffel.

Dancers were played just two songs from the album, which Australian Kaz James has reportedly been working on.

“When we were finished rehearsing, they’d take the CD and put it in a safe,” Holtzapffel said. “I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”


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