Watch her performance plus see the track list and album cover for her new album “Beautiful Lies.”


Let 19-year-old singer-songwriter Birdy uplift you with her performance of “Keeping Your Head Up” at the BRIT’s Launch Show on Friday.

Earlier this week, Amazon UK revealed album cover and track list for her upcoming record titled Beautiful Lies. The Deluxe version features 14 songs out soon. She Tweeted fans: “My new album is coming! More info 15.01.16.”

“I hope the song is inspiring, it’s meant to feel powerful and uplifting,” Birdy told Idolator earlier this month. “It’s about finding a light in the dark, having the strength to hold on to it and overcome the times when we feel completely lost.”

Watch her take flight in the new performance:

Beautiful Lies track list:
1. Growing Pains
2. Shadow
3. Keeping Your Head Up
4. Deep End
5. Wild Horses
6. Lost It All
7. Silhouette
8. Lifted
9. Take My Heart
10. Hear You Calling
11. Words
12. Save Yourself
13. Unbroken
14. Beautiful Lies
15. Beating Heart
16. Winter
17. Give Up
18. Start Again

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