A must-listen.

Flashback your Friday with this fierce re-working of Baby One More Time cut “Born To Make You Happy.”

Indie pop artist Billy Cullum took Britney’s 1999 hit single and updated it to sound like something The Chainsmokers or Zedd would put forth (in a good way). Cullum stripped out the original’s sugary production for atmospheric drums, dreamy synths and a warbly chipmunk background vocal; it sounds brand new.

“Growing up I was fascinated with Britney Spears,” Cullum tells BreatheHeavy.com. “She’s the ultimate pop princess. Her songs are iconic and her visuals elevate each song to another level. I don’t think theres a female pop artist that has a repertoire quite like hers.”

As for why he chose to breathe new life into “Born to Make You Happy,” Cullum says the song doesn’t get enough recognition. “It’s full of heart ache and desire which is something I love about pop music,” he continued. “I want people to remember how incredible the song is. I want it to feel nostalgic but inject my style into it. It’s a rework I’m really proud of because it pays homage to Britney’s original whilst adding a really current twist.”

This is a must-listen. Hear it below:

Liked it? Cullum has plans to release his forthcoming album, Lonely Hearts Club, in September.

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