Britney fans are PISSED, y’all, and that’s something NOBODY wants to see!

Billboard is not changing their charting rules for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album, even though she sold it for 99 cents for one day, selling 400,000 units in 24 hours.

Billboard changed the rules on Britney’s “Blackout” album the day after its release, shoving it to the number two spot, ruining Britney’s number one consecutive album streak. They say:


Much like the caller in the Lady Gaga hit song “Telephone,” some visitors to Amazon’s site received a busy signal Monday when they tried to download the digital version of the artist’s latest album, “Born This Way,” which the online retailer was selling for 99 cents on its release date.

Spokeswoman Sally Fouts said Amazon experienced a high volume of traffic that caused delays for those downloading the album – echoing a posting on the album’s product page on Customers who ordered the MP3 version of “Born This Way” on Monday will get it for 99 cents, she said.

To be honest, I do think it’s unfair. HOWEVER, I also think it was a brilliant marketing strategy and Britney’s management should take notes!

(Runs for cover)

Check out Billboard’s editors’ note AFTER THE JUMP

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