Billboard named Britney’s “Toxic” video the second best music video of the last decade behind Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video, which came in at number one…

“In 2004’s Joseph Kahn-directed “Toxic” video, Britney Spears proved that she comes in every flavor: futuristic stewardess, fiery “Alias”-esque agent, and brunette super-heroine. But the one role that stays constant through the dance-heavy clip: Sultry maneater.”

However, homegirl did gnab the number one spot for the best music video of the 90’s with “Baby One More Time.”

Kicking off a fruitful career, the teenaged Britney won the fervent love of millions of fans with this instant pop classic set inside a high school and prominently featuring Ms. Spears dancing in her mini-skirted take on the school uniform. You loved it too: “Baby One More Time” took 40% of the vote for 1990s videos.

Congrats, Brit!

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