Billboard magazine profiled the leading men of The X Factor panel. Simon talks about Britney & Demi, and what kind of guidance he provided for her.

“I didn’t tell them much. I thought it was important that they sit there confident in their own opinions. I think Britney found the first day quite tough because having to make an opinion when you’ve got 5,000 people behind you – there’s an awful lot of pressure. But by the end of the first day she was much more comfortable. I thought she was quite good.”

“There would be no point in us doing the show if we genuinely didn’t believe that, at the end, there would be some sort of legacy that makes the show worthwhile,” Cowell tells Billboard magazine.

“Over the years we’ve gotten better at putting an infrastructure around it. It’s why I put myself on the shows. You’ve got to be on that panel and use all the years of experience you haveā€¦ and put that on displace for all those people. It’s quite unnerving.”

Simon also says Demi will perform, and hopes to see a duet with Britney.

Read that and more in XRAY:

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