Hasta la vista.

Big Sean & Jane Zhang's "Fighting Shadows" For Terminator Genisys

Big Sean is back, baby.

Big Sean joins forces with Chinese pop star Jane Zhang on their Terminator Genisys track “Fighting Shadows.” The bold tune highlights Zhang’s overpowering vocals through a rebellious chorus before Big Sean’s appearance towards the end. “Fighting Shadows” uses all the elements a blockbuster movie needs, including the grand instrumentation perfectly crafted for the inevitable apocalypse scene (in slow motion).

“I have been a huge fan of Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and the Terminator movies since I was a kid, so it’s especially exciting to be a part of the new film,” Sean said. “Working with Jane has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait for audiences around the world to hear her song.”

Listen to “Fighting Shadows” below:

Sorry for the Terminator puns.