Big Brother 2010 winner, Josie Gibson, channeled Britney from the “Scream & Shout” music video in a shoot for New! magazine. She opens up about the struggles of staying thin after losing over 80 lbs after her reality-TV win, and if anyone knows what it’s like to stay skinny under the celebrity microscope, it’s Britney.

“Everyone keeps telling me how good I look, so I feel I can eat what I want now. But I’ve got to keep it up,” she tells the mag of her gaining six pounds since January. “I’ve slowly let sugar slip in to my diet again.”

“It’s hard because once you’re an addict, you’re always an addict. I’ve been eating more chocolate bars.”

Britney knows the struggle of working hard to keep the weight off, telling Glamour magazine in 2008:

“It isn’t fun [for me], so to do it every day would be horrible. Three days a week is cool, even two. It makes me feel good and feel like I’ve done something. It’s important to take care of your body.”

Tough to maintain a great shape and avoid scrutiny, but it’s cool to see normal girls getting inspiration from Britney about their shape.

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