You are bidding on a Chewed Piece of Gum from the Mouth of Mrs. Britney Spears herself, a few months back when Britney was home in Kentwood LA, where my family lives, I was eating at her fave hometown restaurant Nyla Burger! I was outside smoking when I saw Britney and her little sister pull up Jamie Lynn went inside and picked up a to-go order and Brit sat in the car, while in the car Britney spit out this piece of gum and being the semi fan that I am I picked it up. I have decided to sell it now as I need the money! Along with the gum I will provide a Original Menu from Nyla burger with this auction. Please contact me with any questions I would be glad to talk with anyone either through e-mail of phone. True collectors item straight from britney herself! I am not sure how much this item is worth or what it should go for so I will start it off at 1.00 no reserve and see where it goes. Thanks and Happy Bidding! This pic is the actual piece of gum she spit out. NO FAKES HERE! If item goes over 10.00 i will also include the Harper’s Bazzar Issue with a **** Brit on the cover!

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