So much to say.

Bibi Bourelly has so much to say.

Bibi’s musical talents are wide ranging. Last summer, the singer-songwriter shared a black and white visual for a song titled “Riot” that she wrote to honor the victims lost in the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting. And the year before that, Bourelly co-penned Rihanna’s impassioned pre-ANTi single “***** Better Have My Money.” She eventually posted her demo of the latter online, and in a similar move has done the same for her demo of Selena Gomez’s Revival cut, “Camouflage,” which she wrote with Chris Braide. Bibi uploaded her original version of the song to SoundCloud without explanation.

“Sometimes people you know turn into strangers but you like, still know them but you kinda dont and its weird,” she wrote in the caption.

Maybe she’s going through it? If the tender fragility heard in her voice is any indication, Bibi is heartbroken. She also mentions uploading the song during her flight to Jamaica. Love sick… and bored.

Give it a spin below:

Selena’s version:

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