BHBuzz: Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato Get Political

March 2, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Plus, a new Miguel music video and remixes of Selena Gomez’s “Hands To Myself” & Justin Bieber’s “Mark My Words.”


■ Following the Super Tuesday results that shows Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican Party, Miley Cyrus is speaking out. She posted several pictures on Instagram detailing her distaste for Trump and promises to move out of the U.S. if he’s elected President.

I'm gonna puke ….. This what our future looks like with DT

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■ Same with Demi Lovato. She’s pleading with people to not vote for a “celebrity” and reaffirmed she’s Team Hillary. Lovato said: “We live in a world obsessed with “celebrity”. Please don’t elect one for President. If we’re gonna get technical, all the US Presidential candidates are now ‘celebrities’. All I’m saying is, the others all have experience being politicians…” Read her entire set of Tweets below:

■ Miguel “waves” (Tame Impala Remix) music video:

■ Sage The Gemini – “Hot Coffee” featuring Chippass:

■ Justin Bieber – Mark My Words ft. Josh Rubin (Togglehead Remix)

■ Kanye West – Fade (Reed Streets Remix)

■ Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (Fareoh Remix)

■ Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (KANDY Remix)

■ Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (Betablock3r Remix)

■ Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton could be engaged very soon. [People]

Did we leave anything out?