Six remixes to give you that #MondayMotivation.BH in the Mix 14:09

Having trouble waking up this fine Monday morning? Some of the best remixes and mashups out right now might help get you out of bed and into work.

The Weeknd – “Can’t Feel My Face” (Martin Garrix Remix)

With “Can’t Feel My Face” still riding high in the charts, there’s no harm in revisiting its best incarnation courtesy of Martin Garrix. The mix swaps out the song’s old school R&B beat for a more forward thinking dance instrumental and the track benefits exponentially as a result.

Madonna vs. Michael Jackson – “Beat it, I’m Madonna” (Robin Skouteris Mashup)

Yes, okay, we all know “***** I’m Madonna” is objectively one of the lowest points of her three decade, 82 single career, but mashup genius Robin Skouteris has done the unthinkable and made the cringe-worthy Diplo production quite listenable with a sample of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Demi Lovato – “Cool for the Summer” (Drew Stevens Remix)

Exchanging the chilled vibe of Demi Lovato’s comeback single for a sick beat (™ Taylor Swift Inc.), Drew Stevens lends a new lease of life to “Cool for the Summer.” Between an infectious base line and dance sensibility it makes one of the best tracks of the summer sound brand new.

Marina and the Diamonds – “Gold and Blue” (MashFox Mashup)

A simple mashup that places the acapella of “Gold” over the instrumental of “Blue”, “Gold and Blue” is a good example of everything that was right about Marina’s latest studio effort, catchy hooks mixed with top-notch production.

Florence and the Machine – “Queen of Peace” (Hot Chip Remix)

Alternative dance act Hot Chip take on Florence’s most recent single with stunning results. The remix makes the baroque pop track sound like a dance floor classic with a pulsating beat and slow burn attitude that suits Flo’s lyricism to a tee.

Britney Spears vs. Taylor Swift – “Toxic Bad Blood” (Andy Wu Mashup)

After the controversy surrounding “Bad Blood’s” visual and its similarities to “Toxic” lots of remixes of the two tracks have popped up. None are as successful as Andy Wu’s take on Max Martin’s production and Cathy Dennis’ lyrics. Proving that “Toxic” truly does transcend its era, the mashup makes it sound like a legitimate 2015 single, and a damn good one at that.

Happy Monday!