More BH Challenge: The Circus Is Coming To Town submissions! As the days go by, you guys get more creative (and daring!). Check out the one above from Scott B; the poster’s on the Jackson, Michigan stateline sign! REPRESENT! Want to participate but don’t know what to do? Then listen up:

Print out THIS POSTER and hang it up around your city. Send in your pictures of the posters you’ve hung up around your city, and you just might see it on BreatheHeavy! No ideas where to post? Billboards, stop signs, Robertson Blvd., your best friend’s hot mom’s fake *****, anywhere!

Email me at [email protected]. Include your name, city, and attach your pictures. Enjoy the second installment:

Lucie @ Reding, France

Ricardo @ Brazil

Gabriel @ Brazil

More to come… Send them in!

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