Plus, new music from MKTO, Skillet, Good Charlotte, Jaden Smith and Lenno.


The BH Buzz is a round-up of stories we wanted to get to today, but… didn’t.

■ Zayn Malik faced major backlash on Twitter today (July 8) after responding to a message regarding police brutality, which read: “Meanwhile these non-black celebrities who use black culture to their benefit haven’t addressed police brutality.”

Emotions are high.

Malik offered his insight, which struck a nerve with some because on the surface it sounds dismissive.

“Meanwhile I’m brown myself,” he said, “and understand it’s nothing to do with police brutality it’s about minority’s equality.”


Doesn’t it though?

Naturally the Internet had opinions, which lead to Malik deleting the Tweet and posting a followup: “Love HUMANS!”

He also RTed this:

This isn’t the first instance Malik has involved himself in a scandal involving race. Earlier this year, he and Azealia Banks duked it out on Twitter – she called him terribly offensive racist names which finally lead to her account getting banned.

■ MKTO – “Superstitious” music video:

■ Skillet – “Back From The Dead”

■ Good Charlotte “Life Can’t Get Much Better” music video:

■ Jaden Smith – LABOR V2:

■ Lenno – “Some Lovin’”

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