BH Buzz: Petition Demands Mariah Carey Cease Using Baby Elephants At Dream Wedding

March 30, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Plus, Taylo Swift is attending the iHeartAwards, Adele poses with her doppelgänger and more.


■ It’s hard to imagine someone wanting to display baby elephants and white tigers at their wedding, but alas, this is Mariah Carey… where the unimaginable is possible. Her wedding to businessman James Packer is said to be circus-themed and also feature fireworks, a marching band, military aircraft and carnival rides and… a statue of Mariah immortalized as a mermaid, reports Idolator.

Word travels fast, which prompted a petition urging Mariah to cease use of any animals for her “dream wedding.”

It reads: “Mariah Carey is planning on getting married to Australian Billionnaire James Packer on Barbuda Island where she will fly her guests in a private jet. She also wants to use her money to have clowns and acrobats, which is fine, but a friend has told a newspaper that she also wants to fly in baby elephants and white tigers to the island.”

It adds, “Elephants and white tigers are decimated species and should be left alone and not used anymore as circus animals. Does she realize how traumatizing it will be for these baby elephants to be separated from their mothers and be shipped on a boat to her dream wedding? If she is pouring money, why doesn’t she use it to protect elephants from ivory poachers instead of turning baby elephants into circus animals? How many will make it alive to her dream wedding, and will she pay to safely return them home after?”

The petition is asking for 85,000 signatures, and right now it’s at 81K. Feel free to sign it here.

■ Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and more are attending the iHeartAwards.

■ Adele invited her doppelgänger on stage for a quick selfie during the Birmingham, England stop of her tour. We are not jealous. We repeat. We are not jealous.

■ Sam Smith’s rumored new boyfriend is bi-sexual “party boy” model Jay Camilleri. [Daily Mail]


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■ Selena Gome and Charlie Puth are “hooking up.” “It’s not serious, but she’s super into him,” says an insider. (A Gomez pal insists it’s just a “flirty friendship.”)

■ Keith Urban new album, RipCORD, will feature Nile Rodgers and Pitbull on a song called “Sun Don’t Let Me Down.” “I had a real simple desire to play with [Nile], to see what kind of fusion we could create together,” Keith told Rolling Stone.

■ The Key Of Awesome returns with yet another parody and this time they’ve put their spin on Rihanna and Drake’s “Work.” Happy Hump Day!

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