BH Buzz: Mariah Carey Still Doesn’t Know JLo

May 17, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Carey appeared on Watch What Happens Live and explains the whole ordeal, but claims she still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez.


Mariah Carey explains why she still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez.

Carey famously told a reporter years ago she didn’t know who JLo was, and it’s remained a staple in Internet culture ever since.

Not only is it digital gold, but it’s constantly brought up. During a recent visit to the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy brought up the iconic “WHO” moment.

“She does say that, she’s forgetful I guess,” JLo responded. “We’ve met many times. I don’t know, ummm I don’t know her that well.”

Then in March, a photographer asked Mariah about Lopez, and she said “I still don’t know her.”

Carey is sticking to it. During her visit on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, Carey says “apparently I’m forgetful,” adding “If I never had a conversation with you I would say I don’t know her.”


PS – she also mentioned working on new music, saying “I was with some friends last night and I said if I don’t get back in the studio I’m gonna lose my mind.”

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Did we leave anything out?