BH Buzz: Jojo Releasing New Music Video, Ariana Grande Sings Opera

September 25, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Plus, Demi Lovato is all smiles, Hillary Clinton asked about Lenny Kravitz’s pants splitting incident and more.

■ Jojo teased a bit of her new music video for “When Love Hurts” today and revealed the full video drops Monday (Sep. 28): “#WHENLOVEHURTS VIDEO premieres on @MTV & will be playing on #MTVHits Monday 9/28 Every Hour On The Muthafuckin Hour!!! Okaaaaaay?! Let’s go. Here’s a lil clip of me in a warehouse caught up in the rapture of my feels… ?☔️
Monday. September 28th. We juuuuust gettin started…”

■ Andrea Bocelli invited Ariana Grande to sing on his song “E Più Ti Penso” from the Sergio Leone crime drama Once Upon a Time In America and will land on Bocelli’s upcoming album Cinema.

■ As part of her upcoming Lenny newsletter, Lena Dunham “interviews” Hillary Clinton for Funny or Die. In it, Dunham asks the Presidential candidate if she’s seen Lenny Kravitz’s now infamous pants splitting video, to which Clinton replied she hadn’t yet but asked: “do you think I could get that on YouTube?” And continued, “Good. I’ll look for that.” [Billboard]

■ Demi Lovato is all smiles in this behind-the-scenes clip from her Sketchers photoshoot. She talks about the brand of course, but also gives a little detail to her “Confident” record, saying the album “is going to be very different, because in the past, I knew who I was as a person, but I’ve never been more sure of who I am as an artist.” She adds, “I really channeled the direction and the vision that I had into what I wanted into this project.”

■ Sara Bareilles premiered her new song “She Used To Be Mine” from her What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress album debuting Nov. 6.

■ Pentatonix cover Justin Bieber and Jack U’s “Where Are U Now”:

■ The Knocks enlisted the help Matthew Koma (“So Fu**in Romantic”) on their new song “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)”:

■ OMI attempts to top his success with “Cheerleader” by releasing another bopper, this time a song titled “Stir It.”

■ D∆WN teased her new single titled “Dance”:

Welcome to #TheRedEra … 9/28 New Single – #DAWNxDANCE

A video posted by D∆WN (@dawnrichard) on

Have a swell weekend!