Plus, listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s new jam with Drake, Charli XCX performs “Round And Round,” + Bieber & Manson hang out.


■ Iggy Azalea says she’s postponing her wedding so she can go on tour. “I’m planning a wedding,” she told Ryan Seacrest on Friday. “Actually, I moved my wedding ’cause I have to tour, so my wedding plans are changing. It was going to happen at the end of the year, but now I have to go to work, so yeah. We’ll probably have to wait until the end of the next basketball season to do that. So that kind of is a bit sucky, but it’s all right.”

Azalea added it’s crucial she tours her new music while it’s still “fresh.”

“This wedding was ready but I think—my last tour got cancelled; I had a lot going on and I really felt like last time I got to a point where I was burnt out on the music by the time I got around to touring, ’cause my album had been out for over a year. I don’t want to have a risk of that happening again. So I think given that my album’s gonna come out in June it would be really nice to tour August, September, October, and have that music be fresh and have me still be in love with it and performing it and everybody having a good time… We had already booked our honeymoon and everything so it was kinda good, ’cause at least now that we just moved our honeymoon up… I get a free vacation kind of thing, so I feel good about that. Now our honeymoon is just gonna be our vacation and I’ll pick another honeymoon!”

■ PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake – “Come And See Me”:

■ Charli XCX – “Round And Round” live premiere:

■ Mike Posner performs “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” on The Tonight Show:

■ Tink – “Circle The Block” music video:

■ James Bay performs “Running” at Sports Relief:

■ Birdy performs “Wings” at Sports Relief:

■ Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson snapped a selfie:

Night out in la with the boys

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