BH Buzz: Fans Speculate Britney Or JLo For Super Bowl Halftime Show

November 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

An unlisted Super Bowl halftime video surfaced online… are we seeing Britney or JLo in the clip?


■ An unlisted Super Bowl halftime show advertisement on YouTube surfaced online on Monday (Nov. 30), and though it doesn’t reveal much, it does show a glimpse of a potential halftime show performer.

Fans are zooming in on the page the athletes turn in the clip, and it does have a striking resemblance to Britney’s Shape magazine photoshoot or a photo of Jennifer Lopez.

The Super Bowl 2016 airs Sunday, Feb. 7. Britney has a break between Jan. 3 and Feb. 13, so there’s optimal time to rehearse a setlist ahead of kicking off the next leg of Piece Of Me. However, earlier reports suggested Britney would participate in rigorous rehearsals during that time because she plans on changing 50% of her show.

JLo doesn’t have a show that particular date either, however she does perform the night before in Vegas. We can’t imagine she’ll have much time in between gigs to take her show to the Super Bowl, and we know how much of a perfectionist she is.

Who do YOU think it is?

■ Despite Christina Milian & Lil Wayne breaking up, the two reunited professionally for their new music video “Do It” off Milian’s upcoming EP out Friday. Though the two look close in the video, Milian wants nothing to do with Weezy off-camera. On Thanksgiving, Milian said in now-deleted Tweets: “Stop telling me that you love me. Stop asking me to come see you. I’m definitely not interested. #BeenOverIt #HappyNoThanksGiving #Single.”

■ Adam Lambert – “Another Lonely Night” on Strictly Come Dancing:

■ Carrie Underwood & Rita Ora perform on The X Factor UK:

■ Simple Plan’s new album cover for Taking One For The Team:


■ The Vamps cover Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge:

Did we leave anything out?