Plus, new music updates on Katy Perry, Drake, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Sia, Beyonce and M.I.A.


Donatella Versace says she considered the late singer Prince one of her “closest friends.” That’s why she included some of his unreleased music which he personally sent her (as recently as five months ago) in her recent menswear fashion show.

She told Billboard he was “incredible music from a dear and much missed friend.”

“My heart was broken by the news of Prince’s passing — I am still in shock,” she said. “I wanted to express my love and admiration for my friend who I miss so much. Celebrating him and his music at my menswear show seemed like the best way.”

Versace added “Prince was always writing and recording, even if it was just a late-night jam at Paisley Park. He had been sending me songs for years — it was his way of communicating. Just hearing his voice again makes me smile.”

In the new clip, Prince can be heard sing-speaking “Clap your hands for Donatella. Come on, it’s alright.”

It kicks off with his 1989 Batman hit, “The Future.” Listen:

Katy Perry has a new fragrance titled Mad Love.

Drake owes French Montana $60,000 after losing a bet over Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

#FrenchMontana won a $60,000 bet from #Drake that the Cavs would win the #NBAFinals

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Kanye West and The Weeknd are headlining The Meadows music festival at Citi Field and Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens on October 1 and 2:


Sia’s urging Kim Kardashian to stop wearing fur:

■ Beyonce promotes Lemonade sort of.

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M.I.A. drops out of Afropunk music festival:

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