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BH Buzz: Ariana Grande Won't Be Punished For Licking Donuts

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A lot goes down in music on the daily, and unfortunately we don’t have the resources to write up every single thing that happens (we’re actually just lazy), so take a peek at a few stories floating around the Internet today that you should probably know about so your friends don’t make fun of you.

■ Wolfee Donuts will not press charges against Ariana Grande for licking donuts. Yay for her apologies. Several of them. Now she must really love America. [Riverside Sheriff]

■ Demi Lovato is annoyed people think she was shading Ariana Grande at her 2015 MLB All-Star Game concert for singing “Made in the USA” and asking the crowd “How many of you guys are proud to be an American?”

■ 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after a judge decided he must pay $5 million to Lastonia Leviston, who said he violated her privacy by posting a *** tape of her online. [Wallstreet Journal]

■ Zayn Malik targeted producer Naughty Boy for presumably leaking some of their collaboration material and denying it (including Malik’s cover Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type”).

■ Justin Bieber deleted his iconic ****-baring photo because he felt bad.

Hey I Deleted the photo of my **** on Instagram not because I thought it was bad but someone close to me's daughter follows me and she was embarrassed that she saw my **** and I totally wasn't thinking in that aspect. And I felt awful that she felt bad. To anyone I may have offended I'm so sorry. It was completely pure hearted as a joke but didn't take in account there are littles following me!!! Love u guys

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