Ellie teases new music, Demi explains that whole mug thing and more!

BH Buzz: 15-Year-Old Justin Bieber Sings A Different Version Of 'Where Are You Now'

■ Here’s a 15-year-old Justin Bieber singing a different version of “Where Are You Now.” The video, which is going viral, shows the teen performing the bonus track from the Wal-Mart edition of My World 2.0. In case you didn’t know, this particular version is actually about his relationship with his pops. Sort of breathes new meaning into the Skrillex and Diplo version of “Where Are Ü Now.” Take a listen below!

■ Madonna pondered whether she’s “too provocative” for the POTUS last night. Whilst performing in DC. the “Like a Virgin” star revealed that she had invited President Obama to the show but sadly he’d declined.

■ Ellie Goulding has taken to Twitter to tease the release of a secret project this Thursday. Looks like new music is on the horizon for Miss Goulding.

■ 5 Seconds of Summer have debuted a live version of their latest single, “She’s Kinda Hot.”

■ Target pulled through with their tradition of offering bonus tracks to their editions by adding two more cuts to Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable LP. The album, which drops on October 2, will feature 17 songs along with two additional treats “Promise Of You” and “Love U 4 Life.”

■ When asked what her favorite dish was over the weekend, Demi Lovato responded “a mug.” Her fans LOLed, but she’s claiming they just don’t understand her sense of humor. She Tweeted, “For anybody who actually thinks I misunderstood the “favorite dish” question – you clearly don’t get my sense of humor.” Later on, she posted this rather amazing photo on her social media.

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